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How do I (or my friends) become a member of Halifax Car Extras?
Halifax Car Extras is open to all UK customers of Halifax Car Insurance.  Simply take out a policy and we'll give you the details you need to start enjoying great discounts and offers.

How long can I stay a member of Halifax Car Extras?
Your membership to Halifax Car Extras is linked to your insurance policy.  You’ll be a member for as long as you're insured with us.

How do I claim a Halifax Car Extras?
Each reward is different, so start by selecting your favourite offer and then follow the on screen instructions.

What kind of offers and discounts can I claim?
As a big thank you for choosing Halifax insurance you’ll get handpicked discounts, deals and a free quarterly gift, from a range of leisure, motor and travel providers.

Is there a cash alternative?
Sorry, there’s no cash alternative.

Can I find out how long an offer will be available?
The offers are regularly changing as old offers expire and new offers become available.  Where possible the expiry date will be listed on the individual reward although Halifax Insurance and our partners have the right to remove, amend or alter the offers at any time.

Is there a limit to the number of offers I can claim?
We don’t limit the number of offers you can access but individual rewards may have their own restrictions.  These will be listed in the terms and conditions when you claim.

Is the site safe and secure?
Halifax Car Insurance and our partners are aware of the many threats to personal data security.  It’s our aim to ensure that when a customer submits information it reaches its destination safely, protected and unchanged.  Please note that Halifax Car Insurance will never request personal information such as your date of birth or bank details via email.  If you receive any request for personal details and claiming to be from Halifax Car Extras please notify us immediately using the details on the 'Contact Us' link at the foot of this page.

Are there any restrictions to enter the promotion?
Some offers may have age or other restrictions.  We’ll include the main restrictions on Halifax Car Extras website where possible but please check with the individual provider before booking or making any purchase.

What web browser do I need for Halifax Car Extras?
Halifax Car Extras has been designed to work with the latest browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Android.

What happens to my Halifax Car Extras account when I renew my insurance with the Halifax?
Nothing, you won’t have to make any changes and we’ll keep your account open for you.  If you experience problems get in touch using the details on the site.

What happens if I have a problem with one of your partners?
All offers are managed by external organisations and whilst we try to select high quality partners offering great experiences no warranty is given or implied by the Halifax.  Any issues to do with the service, quality or product received must be taken up directly with the partner.

What do the terms and conditions apply to?
Your use of Halifax Car Extras is governed by the Halifax Car Extras terms and conditions which are available here.  Each offer also has its own terms and conditions which will be displayed on the Halifax Car Extras website at the time of redemption.  Each partner will also have their own terms and conditions which govern the goods and service that you’re purchasing and you should make sure that you’ve read these prior to making a purchase.

How can I contact you?
Whether you've got a question, need a little help or just want to leave a comment, drop us an email or give us a call right away. Send your email to or call 01565 832 865

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